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I am gender neutral.








This is too precious <3

What the fuck kind of white witchcraft did I stumble upon

It’s called love, and family values. Fill your heart with it sometime.


Typical black person reaction. Too dumb to understand. 

Hey guise, I’m a racist inbred scumtwat but i luv my daughter so im a good person. 

What the fuck did you just say? 

(via cutie-was-fucked-w-a-knife-deac)

I hope your circumcision hurt.

A question by Anonymous


I’m honestly kind of impressed at how you were able to sum up the attitudes of the modern feminist movement in just 5 words. Anonymous bullying, sexism, gendered violence, and genital mutilation are all things that feminism actively promotes and supports so congrats on capturing all of that in such a short message. I feel like you’ve really educated us all on what feminism is all about and I for one think I’m ready to join now since it sounds like such a positive and useful movement. 


My favorite thing about my Nazi anon is first they asked me if I was a neo-nazi, I said no, and then they came back and asked how they know I’m not. Umm… I just… told… you? Is there an Inquisition process you were hoping for, Nonny?

lol. People can be so stupid.